FAMCOHSEF Launches New Website

Family Cooperation Health Services Foundation, Inc. (FAMCOHSEF) is pleased to announce to the world that it has launched its new website www.famcohsef.org to welcome the New Year 2013. The website was built with the intent to drive awareness and reach and to encourage volunteers and donations for FAMCOHSEF’s beneficiaries. The website was built by web professionals JP and Marie Dela Torre with valuable contributions from President Nani Gonzalez.

With the Foundation’s photos and messages displayed against a teal and grey background, FAMCOHSEF’s website is designed to highlight the difference that the Foundation has already made and will continue to make. Getting in touch with and contributing to the  the Foundation has never been this easy with instructions on how to get involved, how to donate online or offline, and information on its myriad activities.

FAMCOHSEF ushers in the Year 2013 with an exciting lineup of activities and a drive to make a difference.