What We Do

Community Health Workers are the first persons consulted by marginalized families for their health-related problems regarding overall health, childcare, and reproduction. They are the vanguards of the government’s effort to fight common and communicable diseases.

To educate these workers, FAMCOHSEF has developed a 9-month Primary Health Care Program that integrates knowledge with proper attitude and behavior.

Some 530 trained health workers have graduated from this program.

A second level program on nutrition and care of children and the elderly will be offered primarily to graduates of FAMCOHSEF’s Primary Health Care Program.

Continuous training and professionalization of these Community Health Workers needs the support and partnership of the public and private sectors.


Our Activities

  • PRIMARY HEALTH CARE Training for Community Health Workers and Barangay Health Workers
  • 2nd level Training – Nutrition & Care of the Elderly &
    Children aged 0-5
  • Maternal & Child Care Programs
  • Nutrition Education
  • Seminars and Workshops on health issues at the grassroots level
  • Home Visit
  • First Aid Demo
  • Lecture Series
  • Vital Signs Practicum
  • Anatomy Lesson
  • Class at the Field OFfice
  • Values Formation
  • Field Practicum

Focus Areas

Currently, we help barangays in Muntinlupa. Our program can be conducted in your area. Get in touch with us to learn how we can bring our program.

Our Thrust

All the programs of FAMCOHSEF have a dual approach


The Values Education portion includes a short discussion on a particular virtue or attitude necessary in the human approach of the Community Health Worker.
Volunteer Mentors follow up on these virtue discussions.
Each trainee is assigned a mentor who encourages the trainee to love her work in the home and in her community.

See our Service Milestones and Special Projects.